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Many titles and roles have been experienced by LaChish: wife, mother, friend, soldier, officer, nurse, minister, pastor, entrepreneur, performing arts artist, writer, poet, musician, student, and more. All of these things show the many facets of who we are as people, ever evolving, growing, maturing, graduating from one level of responsibility to another, but at the end of the day we are simply ourselves.


The name LaChish is of Hebrew descent. It means “a fortified place not easily penetrated, formidable; obstinate; not easily overcome.” My name fits the fabric of who I am. I am persistent, persevering, stubborn, and ferocious in my pursuit of fulfilling my purpose. I don’t believe in wasting life or love. Whatever I think I can do will determine the heights, depths, and widths of what I achieve in this world.


Sometimes we are so caught up in “becoming great,” that we never enjoy the fact that we are our greatest selves when we are Simply Unique, Simply Me, Simply LaChish. If your greatness is defined by your additional titles given, chances are you’ve overshadowed the source of greatness that resides within. 


It is my desire and mission to help individuals discover, unveil, reveal, and embrace the BEST manifestations of themselves on a daily basis. It is my pleasure to shine Light on the treasures we tend to overlook and empower people to be more than human, but to be supernatural in every area of their lives. The balanced life is essential for sustainable joy, love, and peace in this lifetime. Pursue that journey with me, will you?

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